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Upcoming historical tours in London to witness its rich culture and history

Upcoming historical tours in London to witness its rich culture and history
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Are you a history buff craving for a memorable vacation in a place with rich history? London has to be in your bucket list then as history is alive and living in this city. Well known for its Roman streets, ancient buildings and stunning churches, London has a lot to offer every traveler.

If you want to make the most of your London tour, the best option for you will be to explore the localities by taking at least one of the famous historical tours.

Four upcoming historical tours in the city of London

  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour

If you are a devoted fan of the Harry Potter movies, this tour is definitely for you. In this grand studio, you get to walk through the places like the Hogwarts Express where the movie was shot. You can also touch some of mystical props such as the Nimbus 2000 and Hagrid’s extraordinary motorcycle.

  • London Walks

Thinking about an enticing long walk which will take to the back to London’s history? London Walk is undoubtedly among the most cherished walking tours by visitors. They organize as many as 100 walks per week which let you observe the culture and history of London from the closest distance. They do not just cover the ancient buildings but also include tours to other tourist attractions and food tours.

Taking the London Law Tour can be another illuminating experience as you get to enter the Royal Courts of Justice, the Old Bailey and the Supreme Court.

  • Night Bus Tour

As the evening approaches, head on a fantastic journey to explore London’s major historical sites with your loved one. Some of those spots include the city’s financial district, Piccadilly Circus, Parliament Square and Trafalgar Square. This bus will also take you through several other tourist places such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

Imagine an entire night enjoyed while traveling in a bus and exploring age-old monuments and palaces with your dear ones or alone. So, what are you waiting for? Book your night tour and you are one step away from having the most awesome night of your life.

  • Shoreditch Street Art Tours

Taking part in the Shoreditch Street Art Tour is like a dream-come-true for art lovers. Artists from all corners of the world look forward to join this unique tour in London. You can stroll through the streets of London under the supervision of photographer and writer David Stewart.

This tour has been taking for 15 years and is the city’s most successful art tour. David Stewart deserves credit for giving his heart and soul to making the event an incredible one. If you have an artist in you, the art scenes of London are bound to leave you inspired and motivated.


London blooms from March to May, making these months the perfect time to plan your vacation. Moreover, all the major historical tours take place in summer.

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