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Where to go in London for a Drink and Music

Where to go in London for a Drink and Music
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London is known for its rich cultural variety. When it comes to music there is no ending to the list for best places. However, bars with live music are the places for spending an ideal evening. That is why; one should know where to go when the mood is to listen to quality music while sipping their favorite drinks. Here is a list of best bars of London that offer live music-

  • Nightjar:

Situated at Old Street, this bar is hard to be noticed. The entrance is hidden behind an ordinary door on Old Street having no marks at all. However, once someone finds this den like jazz bar they are in for an amazing evening. The cocktails are pretty unusual and amazing; and so is the music. The best time to catch them playing is every night from 9.30 onwards. One needs to pay 4-5 Pound as cover charges at this place.

  • Humble Grape:

This is a wine bar situated at Battersea, Islington and some other locations in London. This is a perfect place for dining and drinking. However the option of live music is not available always. Generally they play on some Wednesdays. One needs to check this before booking a table.

  • Piano Bar:

This bar is situated in Kensington and Smithfield. It is known for being a good place for drinking and live music. Several musicians play a piano more than one hundred and sixty years old. The variety of music is incredible. From Nina Simone to Rihanna- one may get to listen to everything. The bar is a pretty cool one too with its candlelit atmosphere and peculiar cocktail offerings.  Everything about the place- starting from bar snacks to music choices- contributes to making one’s evening great.

  • Grow:

This was primarily a hub of artists. They started it within the small space of a sausage factory. Now it has a bar along with a kitchen. The jazz music is available for people who visit Grow on a Wednesday night. If there are any musicians in the audience the band encourages them to participate too.

  • Bloomsbury Club Bar:

This is an extremely romantic place to spend an entire evening. Starting from wood paneled booths to candlelit atmosphere- the bar is excessively romantic. There is live jazz music available for the audience as well. They typically play in the evenings from Wednesday to Saturday. Apart from the music, the cocktails of the place are pretty good too. It is free of any cover charges.

  • Cahoots:

Situated in Carnaby, this is one of the best cocktail bars in London. The theme is retro- creating memories of 1940s. There are the best swing musicians in Cahoot. They offer different kinds of music on different days of the week. For instance, on Wednesday and Sunday, the pianists are available to soothe the soul. There are guest acts on Thursday and Friday. DJs are available for Saturday parties. There are no cover charges applicable here.

The scenario for entertainment in London is pretty vibrant. So there is no ending to this list to be honest.

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