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Best Residential Areas in United Kingdom

Best Residential Areas in United Kingdom
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United Kingdom is really special for maintaining a home. The main reason is- almost all the cities of UK are in close proximity to the countryside. It gives one the necessary space to breathe. UK hosts one of the most beautiful and grandest cities around the world. Best residential areas are not dependent only upon beautiful neighborhoods but on the quality of life as well. A vibrant city with a bad work culture is not necessarily the best place to spend the life. Considering all these factors here is a list of the best places in United Kingdom for living-

  • Glasgow:

Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland. This place is known for being rich cultural destination. There are numerous art galleries in the city. The means of transportation is easy and cheap. The subway facility of Glasgow, known as Clockwork Orange, is really pocket-friendly on a daily basis. Apart from that, the taxi service is pretty good too. The city is in close proximity to Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. So, one gets the space to breathe.

  • Birmingham:

This is second in size among the cities of United Kingdom. The city is located in Midlands. This place is famous for being the industrial heritage of Britain. The view is breathtaking because of the numerous canals situated in the city. Many apartments of modern architecture are available alongside these canals. Some of the most popular residential areas in the city are Harborne and Edgbaston. These places are really good for schooling and shopping. The transportation around the city is pretty good too.

  • Oxford:

Oxford is known for being one of the best places when the aspect of economic growth is taking into consideration. This beautiful place is situated in the western side of London. The iconic Stratford-upon-Avon is located in close proximity to this city. One of the major reasons for choosing Oxford is its education system. The colleges of oxford are one of the best around the world. The situations of Thames and Oxford canal contribute to the picturesque beauty of the city. This city holds one of the most beautiful residential areas around the world because of all those Victorian houses there. There are many cottages available for living too. North Central Oxford is one of the most sought after residential areas in this city.

  • Edinburgh:

The capital city of Scotland is one of the most beautiful places in UK to live in. The main reason is the availability of so many Georgian and Victorian houses in the city. This city is culturally rich and vibrant too. Murrayfield, Stockbridge and Comely Bank are some really expensive and sought after residential areas in Edinburgh.

  • London:

Music, theatre, and museums- everything is there in London. The capital of UK has literally has it all. Every district of the city of London has its own characteristics. Be it posh residential areas or green quiet neighborhood- London offers them all. The city has a rich royal heritage and cultural history too.

There are numerous beautiful cities in UK for living. However, these are that make the top in that list.

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