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The Most Costly Residential Areas in London for Living

The Most Costly Residential Areas in London for Living
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Beauty, grandeur and nostalgia- these are the words that are associated with the capital of England. London is no doubt an amazing place to live in. However when compared to other places in United Kingdom, London is one of the most expensive places to maintain a home. As far as the population and expenses are concerned, London makes its place right next to New York. Here is a list describing details about the most expensive places in London to live in:

  • Knightsbridge:

This is one of the most costly places to live in around the world. Starting from fashion outlets to shopping destinations everything about this place smells like posh. The banks at this place are biggest around the world. So this is undoubtedly the neighborhood where the wealthiest people live. That is the reason why this place offers many really expensive properties. One Hyde Park, which ranks at the top among the private real estate locations, has its location in Knightsbridge. From swimming pools to wine cellars, golf courses to saunas- everything is there. The rough cost of a property around this neighborhood is almost 2.8 million Pound.

  • West Brompton:

The reason of high cost of properties is close proximity to places like Kensington and Chelsea. There are many elements of nostalgia associated with this place too. If one takes a long walk in the neighborhood they might find places such as Troubadour Café- famous for being the place of Bob Dylan’s first show. The close proximity with Chelsea Football Club is one of the other many reasons for such high prices of properties. The average cost is around 1.5 million Pound.

  • Chelsea:

Chelsea smells like nostalgia and art. This is mainly because of the fact that this place was home to many artists and singers. Starting from Beatles to Rolling Stones many a names are associated with this place. Visits from the celebrities are everyday occurring in Chelsea. The cost of places in this neighborhood of London is around 1.4 million Pound.

  • Kensington:

This is the place where live the richest crowd around the world. Starting from celebrity figures and politicians to Business leaders of the world- Kensington is home for all. Some of the famous personas that live in this neighborhood are Lakshmi Mittal, Sir Richard Branson, and Madonna et al. The approx. cost of property in this neighborhood is around 1.4 million Pound.

  • City of Westminster:

City of Westminster is truly the grandest place to live around the world. The reason is the Queen herself. The situation of the Buckingham Palace makes this place one of the most expensive neighborhood around the world. Not only the Royal Palace, the City of Westminster is home to 10 Downing Street as well. Many other popular streets of the world are situated here too- such as Regent Street, Oxford Street, and Bond Street etc. Because of all these reasons, the property cost of this neighborhood is pretty high- almost 1.2 million Pound.

Although London is one of the most desirable places among the world to live in- these neighborhoods are the most expensive ones undoubtedly.

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