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Why is it important for children to participate in sports?

Why is it important for children to participate in sports?
Why is it important for children to participate in sports?

With the growing competition in every field, kids these days do not have a carefree childhood anymore. As their school bags become heavier, most working parents forget to pay sufficient attention to the overall development of their child. Kids mostly remain confined in their homes and pass their leisure time playing video games.

Truth be told, modern gadgets are not doing these kids any good. Sports, be it individual or team-based, are a must for children of all age groups. Other than physical fitness, sports have a wide range of health as well as psychological benefits. Today we will discuss in detail why it is important for children to play.

  • Weight management

Which child does not love to eat ice-creams, chocolates, burgers, pizzas, and sweets? You cannot stop your child from eating these tempting food items. But, you can make sure that he burns more calories than what he consumes. If your child is becoming lazy and putting on weight, the best way to deal with it is make him play.

  • Social skills

These days, families are mostly nuclear and kids rarely meet relatives. Participation in sports can help them develop certain social skills that will be with them throughout their lives. They interact not only with other kids but also with people from several age groups. They also learn communication skills, leadership skills, and the value of team work: skills that no book can teach them. These skills will help them in their personal as well as professional life.

  • Learning to accept failures

Learning to accept defeat and coping up with it a significant life lesson. In sports, there is always a loser and a winner. So, there will be several occasions when your child will lose. This way, they will learn that most important thing is to take part and that losing is not something we need to be ashamed of. This acceptance of defeat will be a great help in adulthood.

  • Academic success

It is true that children who are athletic perform well in academics. The reason is quite simple. Sports increase the concentration of your child. He tries to approach his studies with same determination, dedication and hard work. So, if your child faces problems concentrating on his lessons, encourage him to play sports for an hour everyday.

  • Lifelong health

Participation in games and sports promotes wellness and health not only in the initial years but throughout a person’s life. They strengthen our bones and keep our heart healthy. They also ensure that the mind remains happy and healthy. Lifetime sports like golf, cycling and swimming are beneficial because anybody can practice these even when adult as well as approaching old age. Sports enthusiasts also tend to make healthy food preferences.


Keeping in mind the amazing advantages of playing sports and games, parents should encourage their children to actively participate in any sports of their choice. This will ensure the kid’s mental, psychological and physical development.

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