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Best Beaches in United Kingdom for Upcoming Vacations

Best Beaches in United Kingdom for Upcoming Vacations
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If someone is planning their next vacation in the United Kingdom then the shores of England, Ireland, and Scotland have a lot to offer. The geographical position of United Kingdom is special for it is almost surrounded completely by seas- the North Sea, Irish Sea, English Channel, and the Atlantic Ocean. That is why; there are numerous beautiful beaches that United Kingdom has to offer as ideal destinations for holidays. Here is a list focusing on the best beaches in United Kingdom-

  • Rhossili Beach:

For People who are planning their next vacation in Wales, Rhossili Beach is a must visit destination. This beach is one of the finest in United Kingdom especially for surfing. There is an option of trekking down to the beach as well for people who enjoy adventures. Otherwise local transportation is available to get to the beach.

  • Barafundle Bay:

This beach is specially admired for its warm climate during right temperature. When the sun is good, the beach feels like one of the Caribbean for its warm atmosphere. This beach is also located in Wales- Pembrokeshire. The crystal clear water makes is more attractive for the tourists. The warmth of the beach is perfect for a family picnic.

  • Pelistry Bay:

Situated at St. Mary’s, this is probably is the best one out there in United Kingdom. The specialty of this beach is for serving as the ideal destination for long strolls on the beach or chilling out by just staring at the waves. The secluded and leisurely atmosphere around the beach is perfect for couples and romance. One might take a long walk to the Toll Island if the tide is low.

  • Salcombe Bay:

Salcombe is a little down which is considered as one of the best destinations for a vacation. The beach resorts out there are adorable and perfect for spending a long vacation. The beach is fitting for family outings for it offers various fun beach activities and arrangements of beach parties. However, there are secluded areas in the beach as well for people who enjoy some quite quality time.

  • Beadnell Beach:

These beaches are located in Northumberland in East England. The beaches here are golden and that is the reason they are adored by the visitors so much. Due to the strong wind the beach offers perfect atmosphere for sailing. Other popular activities in these beaches are -canoeing, diving and having a look at the old shipwrecks. One might enjoy the real charm of the sea here.

  • Botany Bay:

Located at Kent, South East England, this beach is perfect for nature lovers. There are numerous white cliffs that surround the beach. The beach is perfect for swimming too. For lovers of long walk, they might walk to the Joss Bay when the tide is nice and low.

  • Hunstanton Beach:

This beach is most appealing for its location near Cambridge. From lighthouse to pubs and cafes- everything is available here. Due to the location this beach is almost always crowded.

There are many other beautiful beaches in UK. However, these are the best ones out there.

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