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Pocket-friendly and Cheap Places for Living in London

Pocket-friendly and Cheap Places for Living in London
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Although London is one of the most beautiful and sought after places around the world to live in there is no doubt of it being extremely expensive too. However, while choosing a place to live the matter of money becomes the prime concern. That is why; it is important to know about places, which are affordable, cheap, and pocket-friendly. Here is a list of places that are affordable for buying a home and spending the life-

  • Bexley:

This is one of the most beautiful yet affordable places in London for living. Whether it is the matter of buying a house or renting one, the rates are pretty cheap in Bexley. The average price for rent is around 1000 Pound a month. If someone wants to buy a house, the price is around 2.5 lakh Pound. The transportation is good too. It takes only forty-five minutes to reach the central part of London. The availability of good schools, low crime rates and good transportation make Bexley one of the best places around London to raise a family.

  • Havering:

The situation of Havering is on the eastern outskirts of London. The cost of rent or house purchase is almost same as Bexley. The close proximity to London makes Havering one of the most sought after places to live. It only takes thirty-five minutes for reaching central London. After the development of crossrail it will be even easier to reach London from Havering. That is why; Havering might be a good and affordable place for living.

  • Sutton:

Sutton is a bit more costly than Bexley or Havering but the prices are within range. The average price for renting a house is almost 1166 Pound a month. The approx. price for buying a place is around 3 lakh Pound. Because of the good transportation it takes only forty or forty-five minutes to reach London. Apart from that, the availability of beautiful green and open spaces and low crime rates make Sutton an attractive place for living and raising a family.

  • Bromley:

The price of housing is a bit higher here. One needs to pay around 1300 Pound for renting a place in this neighborhood. The price is around 3.5 lakh Pound for owning a house. The reason of high demand of this place is the excessive close proximity to Central London. It only takes fifteen minutes to reach there.  The place is really cozy and homely for living. There are really good schools in this neighborhood. This is the reason why it is one of the best places to raise a family too. Because of all these, Bromley has the honor of being called one of the happiest places to live in London.

  • Enfield:

The cost of housing in Enfield is almost same as Bromley. The schooling system is excellent here. Because of the excellent transportation it takes only thirty minutes to reach London. Apart from all these, Enfield is known for providing good villages feel for living.

There are many other cheap places too but these are the best ones if all the aspects of living are taken into consideration.

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