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Pizza joints in London serving the most delicious pizzas

Pizza joints in London serving the most delicious pizzas
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If you are one of those people who live to eat, pizza has to be one of your favorite foods. And if you want to taste some of the best pizzas in London, your quest ends here. From North London to Brixton, we present before you the favorite pizza parlors in London loved by tourists and locals:

Which places in London serve the most satisfying pizzas?

  • Vicoli di Napoli Pizzeria

If you have read the book ‘Eat, Pray, Love, you are familiar with the name Vicoli di Napoli. It serves the ultimate Neapolital pizza in the entire city. The Neapolitan family commenced making pizzas in 1870 and business has been carried forward by their future generations.

Try their classic margarita or marianta prepared with fresh, superior quality ingredients.

  • Purezza

Purezza is the first completely vegan pizzeria in the UK. All ingredients used by them to bake pizzas are plant-based, even the mozzarella cheese. If you live under the illusion that vegan pizzas cannot taste as good as non-vegan ones, visit Purezza once.

  • Lamezia

Lamezia serves the most nutritious pizzas in London with its turmeric and hemp bases, dairy-free cheese and gluten-free dough.

You have to order their ‘nduja pizza has been a bestseller for more than ten years.

  • Voodoo Ray’s 

To enjoy London’s best pizza slice, head straight to Voodoo Ray’s. They bake a 22-inch pizza which is topped with almost everything from squash, red onions, mushroom, salt beef, and sauerkraut. There is also a vegan option, piled high with green olives and artichoke hearts.

  • Homeslice

Homeslice is the place where you’ll find the most unique pizza toppings. You can even choose two completely different flavors for the same pizza, splitting it into two halves.

Homeslice has several restaurants in the city of London in places like Covent Garden, Shoreditch, and Fitzrovia.

  • Hai Cenato

Hai Cenato takes pride in feeding the best gourmet pizza to their visitors from all parts of London.

Pizza rossa and Pizza Bianca are two of their specialty pizzas. However, it is a casual restaurant offering a variety of Italian pastas and other items.

  • Yard Sale

If you are in North London, Yard Sale is the place where you should be enjoying your Sunday dinner. Young people love this place not just for its lip-smacking pizzas but also for the vibrant atmosphere.

TSB, Cheesus Walks, and Cour Bimey are the three most-loved pizzas of Yard Sale for their extraordinary toppings.

  • Zia Lucia

For the most perfect pizza bases, you can visit Zia Lucia or Brook Green, or Holloway Road. They ferment their dough for 48 hours and then cook it in a special wood-fired oven, each turing out to have a different texture and flavor. Most recommended is the glutton-free base with a crisp, light texture.

The Carlotta pizza of Zia Lucia is something unusual yet amazing. They top it with Italian sausage, roast potatoes, dill, and pecorino.


Made of Dough, Sodo Pizza, Franco Manca, and Crate Brewery are some other famous pizza joints present in London.

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