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London’s ten most reputed private schools

London’s ten most reputed private schools
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Finding the appropriate school for your child in London might be a difficult and frustrating experience. It is natural to get confused as the options are many. The schooling of a person plays a great role in determining the future. So, as a parent, you need to research well and decide what’s best for your kid.

10 prestigious independent schools in London:

  • North London Collegiate School

Situated in Edgware, North London Collegiate School is highly acclaimed for the quality of education delivered here. North London Collegiate School is rated highly in extra-curricular activities and student welfare.

  • St Paul’s School

St Paul’s School has been spreading knowledge and educating young minds for more than 500 years. the school pledges to educate boys

  • Westminster School

Benedictine monks from the famous Westminster Abbey founded the Westminster School in the year 1179. With high grades, it retains its position in the list of UK’s best schools over the years. The school building is also in a prime location, close to landmarks like the Westminster Abbey.

  • Wycombe Abbey School

Wycombe Abbey School needs no introduction. It is a world-famous boarding school for girls. The school always places a special emphasis on integrity, empathy, and academic excellence.

  • Guildford High School for Girls

Located on London Road, Guild High School for Girls is yet another excellent school for sending your girl child. Founded in the year 1888, the school has close connections with Royal Grammar School. It has a progressive view to schooling of girls.. Several eminent businesswomen and social leaders have bee students of Guildford High School for Girls.

  • City of London School for Girls

If you have a daughter, London has some of the best schools for girls. City of London School for Girls is one such. It is a non-denominational private school situated in the London Square Mile. 1894 is its year of establishment.

  • Royal Grammar School

With its year of formation being 1509, Royal Grammar School is among the oldest educational organizations of England. The school has lovingly maintained its original Tudor School house til date. This is a boys-only school and encourages a strong sense of brotherhood within its student populace.

  • Eton

Eton is one of the most sought-after and reputed institutions of the world, accountable for educating several prior and current members of the British Parliament, royal family members, and British Prime Ministers.

  • King’s College School

Established in the year 1829, King’s College London is located in Wimbledon. The motto of the school is Holiness and Wisdom.

  • City of London School

City of London School is a private day school, only for boys. It was founded as early as 1442 with the outlook of benefitting the local children. The school has a radical approach, giving opportunities to deserving candidates of all religions.


Getting into one of these schools will be a life-altering chance for any child. Make sure that you train your kid well to pass the entrance test.

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