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Where in London during Christmas – Christmas Plan for everyone

Where in London during Christmas – Christmas Plan for everyone
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2020 didn’t start as everyone would have expected. People are at their homes and at loss of energy. However, this might be the best time to plan for the future celebrations and what might be the biggest celebration is London other than Christmas! Here is a must go and must do list for the upcoming Christmas in London-

  • London- the city of Christmas lights:

Who can deny the Christmas charm that London has in its spirit? And this spirit gets best reflected in the Christmas lights around the city. Christmas is the time when every corner of the city gets decked up in beautiful Christmas lights. One of the most charming and festive activity might be to just walk down the lanes taking in the Christmas vibes while watching the lights and decorations of the city.

  • Westminster Abbey:

Christmas in London is incomplete without visiting the thousand years old Westminster Abbey on the Christmas Eve. The Abbey is also well known for midnight mass celebrations in grandly manner. Attend the church service for a complete Christmas experience.

  • Trafalgar Square:

Looking for a Christmas tree? Well, besides decorating one at home one might consider taking a look at the biggest Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square. This comes as a gift from the Norwegians from 1947.

  • Royal Albert Hall:

This is recognized as one of the finest and festive event during Christmas. Royal Albert Hall organizes a concert where carols get played instead of random songs. The crowd gets the perfect Christmas vibe by singing along all those carols together. This is a best experience for family and friends. However, this experience is not free and open to all. The cost is around 20000 INR to start with for four people along with dining arrangements.

  • Special tour of Hogwarts for Potterheads:

The studio tour of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the snow was one of the best experiences in Christmas last year. One gets to relive the Great Hall, Gryffindor Common Room and the Castle in person in their Christmas look. So, this could be a must have Christmas experience for the Potterheads out there.

  • What’s Christmas without Ice Skating:

Another must have experience for Christmas is Ice Skating. There are popular risks dedicated for this purpose around Christmas. Skating with your near or dear ones with beautiful backgrounds based on Christmas theme is something everyone must experience. Some of the most famous skating rinks are at Natural History Museum, Alexandra Palace, Hyde Park and many other places.

  • Party, Party and Party:

What is Christmas without partying with friends! This is as important as spending quality time with friends and family. The best destination for Christmas party in London is Blues Kitchen. It has three dedicated destinations for people who want to party in Brixton, Camden and Shoreditch. From lunch to drinks, from conversations to rocking the dance floor- every arrangement is available there in Christmas.

 To sum up start preparing for Christmas by shopping lots of gifts for near and dear one and you are all ready for Christmas.

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