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Best destinations for travel enthusiasts in the iconic city of London

Best destinations for travel enthusiasts in the iconic city of London
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Brimming with a rich history, London is perhaps the world’s most iconic city. The city is a perfect blend of modern culture and an old world charm. If you plan to visit this charming city, you cannot afford to miss on these beautiful places.

London’s best tourist attractions:

  • Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is undoubtedly among the points of interest of the city. This iconic site has witnessed many coronations and since the early seventh century. Recently, the place has also become a chosen location for hosting Royal Weddings.

  • Madame Tussauds London

Madame Tussauds London is among the most interesting places to visit in London. It has wax statues of popular film stars and celebrities. There is also a separate zone dedicated only to Star Wars.

  • London Dungeon

An entertaining way of going through the last 1000 years of London’s history is by visiting the London Dungeon. As you walk through these dungeons witnessing one show after another, you get a visual representation of historical events in a live-action manner. There are guided groups of actors to accompany you in your walk.

  • National Gallery

If you have a thing for world-famous paintings, this is the place for you. The National Gallery Museum has an excellent collection of ancient European paintings ranging from 1260 to 1920. Their incredible collection includes Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Child’, Monet’s ‘The Waterlily Pond’, Venus and Mars by Botticelli and many others.

  • The British Museum

The British Museum is a pride of the city of London, with 13 million artefacts belonging to the ancient as well as the modern world. There are priceless objects from several countries and civilizations including China, Assyria, Europe, India, Babylonia and more. Some of the famous exhibits are the Elgin Marbles and the Egyptian mummies.

  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you can book your flight tickets to London for this tour only. You can view from a close distance all behind the scenes elements and how the team made the movies. Visitors are free to explore solitary or along with tour guides and also walk through prime venues of the movie such as the Great Hall.

  • Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens, also known as the Royal Botanical Gardens, is the best place to bask in sunshine on a holiday. Located on the banks of the mighty Thames in the south-western part of London, this place is a much-loved spot by young couples. Many cultural and musical events take place here all the year round.

  • Trafalgar Square

One must visit the Trafalgar Square while in London. Built in the memory of Lord Horatio Nelson who defeated the French, Trafalgar Square has a beautiful granite monument.


You have to visit the above-mentioned destinations if you do not wish to return home from London with a suitcase full of regrets. Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, Big Ben, Notting Hill Gate, Covent Garden, Hampton Court Palace and the Victoria Museum are some other famous tourist spots in London.

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