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United Kingdom’s most popular football clubs

United Kingdom’s most popular football clubs
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The national sport of the United Kingdom is Cricket. But, the most popular game of the country is football. Football is widely played in the country and the people just love watching it. There are many football clubs and the players who play for these are no less than celebrities so far as their fan following is concerned.

Here is a list of the most loved football clubs in the UK:

  • Manchester United

Manchester United is the biggest football club of UK. They have the highest fanbase in the country and the maximum number of FA Cups and league titles. They have fans from all over the world as they are not just UK’s biggest club but also the world’s largest football club. Manchester United has 12 FA, Cups, 5 League Cups and has got the English First Division 20 times. So, success, trophies, stadiums, the profile, money, and fans – they have it all.

  • Arsenal

Arsenal is the most successful club of London and also the club with the most number of FA Cup titles (13 times champion). They have been rewarded with several prestigious trophies and titles for their commendable performances. They are also the most decorated club of the capital. So, if you are in London, try to watch the Arsenal boys play.

  • Liverpool

Liverpool has won the League Cup eight times, the FA Cup seven times, and the Eurpoean Cup six times. Liverpool is the club that teaches us dedication, determination and patience. It took 30 years for them to win their first big trophy and since then, they have been kissing success till date. They are just one European title away from having half of all the European Cups won so far by English sides. Liverpool is iconic and you must watch at least one of their games to know why.

  • Chelsea

Chelsea is a name in the world of football that needs no introduction. This club is another London club, loved by the people for several reasons. They have a long history of being a team with good players for consistent years. They have eight FA Cups, and 5 League Cups. They have also brought home the European Cup in the year 2012. If you want to witness an entertaining football match, book a ticket for their next match and you’ll never regret.

  • Celtic

The list of the best football teams in UK would be incomplete without Celtic. It has won the FA Cup eight times, the League Cup three times, and various other titles for its hard work and sportsmanship.


Hope you have gone through our list of the most iconic clubs in London. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many more football clubs playing in the country in several local and national matches. Some of them are Hull City, Hearts, QPR, Millwall, Coventry City, Stoke City, Wigan Athletic, Hibernian, Huddersonfield Town, Charlton Athletic, Preston, Swansea City, Ipswich Town, Bournemouth, Cardiff City, Bolton Wanderers, Warford Portsmouth, Norwich City, Birmingham City, Burnley, Fulham, Sheffield United, and Aberdeen.

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