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10 most popular sports played in the United Kingdom

10 most popular sports played in the United Kingdom
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United Kingdom is the birthplace of multiple major global sports like golf, rugby, tennis, cricket and football. The nation’s people does not just take great interest in sports but also estimate and appreciate this healthy profession and habit.

  • Cricket

Even a person who takes minimum interest in sports knows that Cricket is UK’s national game. Their number of professional cricket clubs is 18. First played by the British, this game has now reached hundreds of other countries and is perhaps the most popular game of the world.

  • Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is fun sport to watch as well as play. The official governing body of ice hockey played here is the Ice Hockey UK. It is affiliated to IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation). This association basically arranges and manages tournaments and Team GB is their most well-known team.

  • Rugby

Rugby is among UK’s most loved sports. Earlier, only elite people of the country played rugby, but now all can play it. The UK Government extends its support and encouragement to professional rugby players.

  • Badminton

Badminton is not only one of the most widely played games in UK but also in several countries. The year of formation of the Badminton Association of England is 1893. Its present name is Badminton England. Badminton England is also of significance for being the International Badminton Federation’s founding member.

  • Rowing

The Amateur Rowing Association or ARA of UK is the central body of England responsible for rowing activities in the country. It also looks after the progress of international rowing teams of Great Britain. Some of the most esteemed rowing teams are Kingston Rowing Club, Thames Rowing Club, London Rowing Club, and Bedford Rowing Club.

  • Football (Soccer) 

Even if Cricket is their national sport, football is more popular in UK. The premier league comprises of at least 20 elite teams, chosen from all parks of UK.

  • Swimming

Swimming is one of the affiliates to the British Paralympic Association and the British Olympic Association. Every year, this association hosts swimming competitions on international levels in Great Britain. A lot of people in UK swim for recreation and fitness.

  • Athletics

England has most number of young athletes in comparison to other countries. There are several world champions like Rebecca Adlington and Keri-Anne Payne in its athletic team.

  • Tennis

Tennis is again one of the popular sports played in the UK. The most famous Tennis tournament that has taken place in the country till date is Wimbledon. Tennis here does not just attract sports critics and sports enthusiasts but also tourists in large numbers, every year.

  • Netball Superleague

The Netball Superleague, established in the year 1999, is the major netball competition in Wales, Scotland and UK.


Sports have a unique magical appeal on human beings. They connect us all together. So far as United Nations is concerned, sport is a major entertainment source. The people of the country love to go to arenas and stadiums to support their favorite players and teams.

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