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Unique souvenirs and gifts you’ll get only in London

Unique souvenirs and gifts you’ll get only in London
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Taking unique souvenirs and gifts home from London is a must to remind you and your special ones of your dream trip in this iconic city. There is a wide range of nice, beautiful and even tasty things to buy here. So, let us find out what are some of the things you should consider buying before you bid adieu to London.

  • A James Smith & Sons Umbrella

A fancy shop dedicated to umbrellas should not be surprising as England experiences grey weather and constant drizzle most times of the year. James Smith & Sons have been there since 1830. Visit this ancient Victorian shop and get some long-lasting umbrellas manufactured using traditional methods only.

  • Lock & Co.’s hat

Lock & Co is the most ancient hat shop not just in London but in the whole world. Naturally, they have a lot of history. Lewis Carroll, for instance, created the remarkable character of Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland after getting inspired by the manager of Lock & Co. If you are planning to go to Paris after London, how can you leave without a stylish beret from this famous shop?

  • London Print from Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston is a lifestyle brand originating in Britain and their products are available in several other countries at present. Yet, buying their iconic prints in London from the original store will be a fulfilling experience. You will fall in love with their colorful, witty and unique prints.

  • Toys from Benjamin Pollock’s

Benjamin Pollock’s is an esteemed toy shop situated in Covent Garden. This traditional shop doesn’t sell modern toys that kids play with these days. Here you’ll find retro toys such as shadow boxes and toy theatres.

  • London Gin

Londoners have deep love for gin and what can be a better souvenir than gin from one of their micro distilleries? There are multiple distilleries for you to explore in the city. Some of the popular ones are Fifty-Eight, Jenson’s, Bimber London Dry Gin, City of London Dry Gin, and Half Hitch Gin.

  • Potter Merchandise

Who can forget about Harry Potter while in England? If you are a Harry Potter fan or you know someone who is obsessed with Harry Potter series, go straight to Kings Cross Station. Choose a wand that suits your style or pick up some Hogwarts school uniforms for the little ones in your family. Primark is also a good spot for purchase Potter merchandise at fair prices.

  • A Notebook from House of Parliament Shop

There is a Houses of Parliament store where they sell branded items having the UK Government’s original stamp. A House of Commons handbook is ideal for someone who takes interest in creating bullet journals. These are also available online.

  • London Tea

The English have a thing for tea and there cannot be a more classic souvenir than tea from Twinings or Whittard. Moreover, it is lightweight and definitely not fragile. If you are not tea lover, try the hot chocolate from Whittard.

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