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Topmost Suburban Areas in London for raising a Family

Topmost Suburban Areas in London for raising a Family
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Although London is one of the most sought after places around the world to live in- the lifestyle of London might be really costly and unsuitable for family. This is the reason why many people prefer living in the suburbs around London where the schooling system is good, the crime rate is lower and there are enough places for children to ride their bikes. Considering all, here is a list of the best suburbs around London for raising a family-

  • Crystal Palace:

This is the ideal destination for those who love to breathe fresh air every day. There are plenty of green and open spaces in this place. A beautiful park covers the major part of this area. The railway station and National sports Stadium are in close proximity to it. The crime rate of Crystal Palace is really low, which makes it a desirable and safe place for living with family. Some of the highest viewpoints in this place offer really breathtaking views of London. The housing price is affordable – around 412,929 Pound.

  • Chiswick:

Excellent transportation and close proximity to London is one of the main reasons for Chiswick being one of the best places to live. There are 3 tube stops and each of them is in thirty minutes distance to London. These stops are Chiswick Park, Turnham Green and Gunnersbury. Apart from the subway, the road connection of this place is really good too. So, one can easily elope to countryside in the weekends. Apart from transportation another reason for choosing Chiswick should be its cozy and homely atmosphere. If someone is looking for village feeling, this is the place. The cost of housing here is around 1 million Pound.

  • Bexley:

The crime rate in Bexley is one of the lowest in London. Bexley is located in the eastern side of London and the house price here is around 342,993 Pound. This is what makes is one of the most affordable places too. The place has a feel good green view because of the numerous old trees situated here. There are all kinds of luxury facilities available in this place too – starting from swimming pools to gyms.

  • Richmond:

The major part of the Richmond Park area is covered by many public gardens. The transportation system is pretty good here. Subway, railway station or road connectivity- in every aspect Richmond is one of the best places for living. The crime rate being one of the lowest among the residential areas and the great schooling system are the reasons why Richmond Park is one of the most ideal places for raising a family.

  • Greenwich:

This place has the most beautiful and greenly area around London for living. The price of houses is not to high and pocket friendly too. The average price is around 372,803 Pound. Greenwich hosts one of the best schools in London neighborhood. The good transportation and low crime rate makes it a sought after place for living with family.

Raising a family is a very difficult thing and that is why one must research about a place before making any decision.

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