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Where to go in London When Craving for Italian

Where to go in London When Craving for Italian
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Italian food is known for its superior quality around the world. Italian food is a treat for the taste buds too. That is why; one must know the destinations for Italian food in any city around the globe. Especially in London, where the weather might be responsible for turning anyone’s mood grey time to time, an Italian treat to the self might be extremely uplifting for the mood. Italian restaurants in London are various and serve variety of choices from small plates to full dining. Here are the best places in London for having Italian:

  • Manteca:

Whenever the word Italian pops in the head, the word Pasta comes to the mind immediately. Manteca is the best place in London when in mood for fresh Pasta. The founders of this place are David Carter and Chris Leach. The restaurant is located in Soho. Some of the signature dishes that the place offers are nduja steamed mussels with cream and parsley, tonnarelli with brown crab, rigatoni with kale sauce etc. The porchetta cooked with lemon is a favorite for people who love having meat. Although there are numerous Italian restaurants in the city, Manteca is one of the best without any doubt.

  • Franco’s:

The restaurant is located on the Jermyn Street. The place is famous for its excellent creamy pasta and rich wine collection. The atmosphere is classy and traditional. Starting from the tablecloths to the staff behavior, the place is known for its sophisticated air. That is why; Franco’s might be the ideal destination for business meetings. Some of the specialties that the place offers are creamy burrata, honey-glazed duck, venison etc.

  • Gloria:

Gloria is no doubt one of the most authentic places for Italian in London. The Italian experience starts from the ambience itself. That is why; after stepping inside one can easily ignore the hustle bustle of London crowd outside. The dishes are various- starting from traditional to modern. The specialty of the food delights is that the ingredients come directly from Italy itself. The creamy burrata is the specialty of the restaurant. It comes along with crispy baked artichoke and bread. Apart from this the pasta and pizza are also great there.

  • Ida:

Located at 167 Fifth Avenue of London, Ida is one of the cozy and authentic places in London to have Italian. The ambience is extremely intimate and it makes anyone feel at home at once. The reputation of Ida is pretty well among the locals. The residents of Queen’s Park love this place. The place has won many awards for its authentic Italian servings.

  • Chucs Kensington:

This is the ultimate place for outdoor dining. The terrace dining is perfect to make anyone’s mood better in a moment. One might start with Aperol Spritz and bigoli cacao e pepe. Other specialties are beef carpaccio, chilli burrata. Truffle arancini is good for a snack with drinks.

When it comes to Italian there is no ending to the list of places and dishes. There are numerous amazing Italian places in London but these are the ones to start with.

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