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Top Places in London When in Mood for Chinese

Top Places in London When in Mood for Chinese
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London as a place might seem dull and grey to some and in those moments it becomes absolutely necessary to energize the spirit by giving a Chinese treat. This is because everyone knows a good spicy Chinese platter can put anyone back in mood. Now while considering the Chinese option as a meal it is a must thing to know the best places one might go to when they are having a special craving for Chinese. Here is a list of some places in London that might come extremely handy if someone is looking for a Chinese restaurant-

  • A. Wong:

This place won the Michelin star in 2018. There are some innovations regarding the range of cuisine. Dumplings are specially designed here so that one fails to distinguish them. In this special dish there are no difference between the wild mushroom and a plump chestnut mushroom. The egg custard bun also wears a make up like a white peach. Other specialties of the place include crab claw with cured scallop, sweet and sour chicken etc.

  • Imperial Treasure:

Previously having outlets in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore this restaurant started its business in London in 2019. From the very beginning the restaurant has kept up with its standard of Michelin star winner level. Although the prices are pretty high the quality and service do justice to the money. The food specialties of this restaurant include dim sum, live seafood etc. A special Beijing style roast duck is also available here. The signature dish is Peking duck which is exceptionally delicious.

  • Hutong, London Bridge:

This is one of the best places in London to have Chinese. The location of the restaurant is at the 33rd floor of Shard. Some of the culinary delights that the place offers are- XO Scallop, prawn dumplings etc. A special dish of the restaurant is Red Lantern. This dish comes with crispy shell crab with a bowl of dried chilies. In addition to the food delights there is a breathtaking view that the restaurant offers. The interior is also interesting and adds up to the perfect dining experience that one expects from a place like that.

  • Park Chinois:

This restaurant is located in Mayfair, London. The place is known for its grandeur. The expensive curtains, live shows, velvety seats- all of that contributes to the grandeur of the place and a royal dining experience. The culinary specialties include XO mooli cakes, Peking duck, Wagyu beef etc. Duck de Chine is a specialty that the restaurant offers.

  • XU:

This restaurant was founded by the team who used to run Soho Bun sensation Bao in London. The specialty of the restaurant is Taiwanese cooking. Fried pork dumplings, garlic flavored chicken etc are the dishes one might find as a treat to the taste buds. Apart from the food, the dark wood interior designs- inspired by the early twentieth century train journeys- add up in creating the atmosphere of the restaurant.

There are many other Chinese places in the city but these are the places one cannot afford to miss.

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