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Culinary Delights One Must Have When in United Kingdom

Culinary Delights One Must Have When in United Kingdom
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Food is in many ways responsible in building the identity of a particular place. British food in that respect has the similar reputation as British weather. Both are regarded as dull and boring. However, that is only one side of the truth. There are so many delicious food specialties in England and United Kingdom which are not only tasty but absolute delights. Here is a list of food delicacies that one must try when they are in United Kingdom-

  • Start the day with English Breakfast:

This is part of the British identity all over the world. An English breakfast means lots of delicious servings starting from bacon, fried eggs, and sausages to toast and jam. Although it is considered a bit heavy on an everyday basis a Sunday morning in UK is incomplete without it. This is an all time favorite choice among people especially in hotels and cafes. Having a hard hangover? Have a full English breakfast.

  • Fish and Chips:

This is probably the most adored British meal there is. Probably that is the reason why there are more than ten thousand independent shops which have Fish and Chips as their offering. The ingredients of this famous dish are fried North Sea cod and chips combined with the optimum amount of salt and vinegar. However, not all the places offer fresh fish for Fish and Chips. Generally it is found to be best in the seaside towns.

  • Haggis- the Scottish Delight:

To put it short, Haggis is the Scottish Fish and Chips. The ingredients are various and it is bit of a challenge to prepare this item. The key ingredients- oatmeal, onion, kidney fat- get stuffed inside an animal’s stomach. The process it to boil it nice and slice open while serving. The process of making might be the reason for loss of appetite for many. However, once one becomes successful to forget the process they are bound to taste the delicacy that Haggis is.

  • Bara Brith:

This is Welsh tea bread. Bara Brith means speckled bread in Welsh. The key ingredients for this tea bread are nutmeg, cinnamon, and dried fruits. Brewed tea gets used to soak the dried fruits. It is responsible for the flavor of the bread as well. This specialty is both sweet and spicy. With a cup of tea and salty butter a thick slice of Bara Brith might be perfect for an evening’s snack. 

  • British Pork Pie:

Leicestershire of Melton Mowbray is famous for this culinary delight. The outside crust is firm. The filling of pork gets cooked first. Then the crust gets covered with gelatin. Due to this the meat stays well without getting spoiled. As an afternoon snack this is best and a picnic is incomplete without it.

  • Brewed Tea:

Finally, when in United Kingdom it is must to have perfectly brewed tea that Britain is famous for. From the eighteen century onwards tea became part of the British identity.

So, one must taste these British delicacies in order to get the fill of United Kingdom in its true sense.

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