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United Kingdom’s most celebrated festivals

United Kingdom’s most celebrated festivals
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If you are in Britain for a short while or planning a trip to Britain, you might enjoy participating in some of their festivals. For this, you need to have some idea about the major festivals celebrated by people in UK and the season in which they take place. Go through our list of most-loved festivals in Britain:

  • Lost Village

Held in the end of August in Lincolnshire woodland, this festival matches lively carnival atmosphere and surreal surroundings with live music, eclectic eats and DJs. You’ll find wellness gardens, lakeside banquets and young tourists from different countries. This makes Lost Village one of the most happening festivals of UK.

  • Shambala

Northamptonshire hosts Shambala between 27th and 31st August. Shambala is a eco-friendly festival that uses renewable power and has vegan food stalls. The greatest attractions are live performances of music, comedy, debates, poetry, and talks by inspirational speakers.

  • Neverworld

Neverworld is a world of fantasy, fun and great music. You will find yourself in a world of pirates and mermaids. They have beautifully-decorated huge stages and famous bands perform here. There are other surrounding activities such as drag shows, forest raves, and beach games.

  • Camp Wildfire

Camp Wildfire is the perfect festival for adventure enthusiasts. This is the long weekend you need to relax with your friends. There are activities such as zombie runs, axe throwing, hovercraft racing, swing dancing, raft building, and speed-dating. All you need to do is visit Kent in the first week of September to be a part of it.

  • Standon Calling

Standon Calling takes place in Hertfordshire’s countryside. They have musical shows for all types of music lovers. Form pops to rock music to romantic songs, they have it all. This festival usually takes place between 23rd July and 26th July.

  • We Out Here

If you love Jazz music, this is the place for you. We Out Here’s celebration takes place in Cambridgeshire from 15th August to 18th August. They have excellent food stalls and wine bars for food lovers. We Out Here also offers wellness sessions and cinema nights.

  • Green Man

This charming festival takes place on Welsh hillside from 20th August to 23rd August. If you are a lover of art and literature, you might consider attending Green Man at least once. There are also fitness and health sessions such as sunrise yoga, mindfulness sketching and massages to relax your body and mind.

  • Gottwood

Located in the Welsh countryside’s most bucolic part, Gottwood is a festival with a huge reputation. The celebration takes place for 72 hours in the month of June. There are several interesting stage acts, fantastic dance numbers to bond with strangers, excellent food and vibrant night party. The best part is that you get to witness all of these in a picturesque setting.


This was all about the most popular festivals rejoiced by the young population in the United Kingdom. Most of these festivals take place in between July and September and so, plan your trip wisely.

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