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Major trading partners of the United Kingdom

Major trading partners of the United Kingdom
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Comprised of Northern Ireland, Wales, England, and Scotland, UK is a sovereign state of Europe. Applying the continental filter, we can say that more than fifty percent of the exports of United Kingdom go to its fellow European neighbors and they sell 23.2 percent to Asian importers. The UK also ships a significant portion of its export commodities to North America.  Read the complete article to find out the top business partners of the UK. Smaller percentages go to Africa and Oceania.

The United Kingdom exports goods to many countries. Some of them are Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, United States, Japan, Switzerland, Turkey, Poland, India, Canada, Sweden, Norway, China, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Portugal, Australia, South Korea, Austria,

Largest trading allies of UK as per the Office for National Statistics Pink Book:

So, which ones are the leading nations that export commodities or services from the United Kingdom? As per data provided by the World Bank, in the year 2017, the top five destinations to which UK has exported items were US, France, Netherlands, Germany, and Ireland.

  • United States- The United States of America has remained UK’s top export destination for years. It receives 13.39 percent of the exports of the United Kingdom, the total value of which is $59.18 billion. There is a special alliance between these two countries, as Winston Churchill once acknowledged.
  • France- France has been experiencing an increase in job creation and industrial output. This may result in reforms of the labor market. It receives nearly 6.88 percent of the total exports of UK, the market value of which is $30.4 billion.
  • Germany- Though Germany has gone through a slowdown at present, it still remains one of the largest international economies. In 2017, the UK exported 10.56 percent of its total exports to this country, amounting to $46.69 billion.
  • Ireland- The United Kingdom’s closest neighbor in terms of geographical location is the Republic of Ireland. Ireland is also the one and only EU member with which UK shares its land border. 5.68 percent of UK’s export materials go to Ireland, the value of which is $25.1 billion.
  • The Netherlands- The Netherlands takes almost 6.24 percent of the total exports of UK, amounting to $27.57 billion approximately. As per the UK government, Netherlands has huge demands for oil, nuclear reactors, mineral fuels, pharmaceuticals, boilers, and distillation products.

These were the United Kingdom’s primary export destinations based on recent data analysis.

What are the commodities exported by the United Kingdom?

The nation mostly exports cars, mechanical machinery, electrical machinery, pharmaceutical products, aircraft, crude oil, miscellaneous manufactures, and refined oil. Apart from these, British drinks and food products also have worldwide popularity. Successful exports include chocolates, Scotch whiskey, cheese, and Scottish salmon.

What are the top ten import countries of UK?

Apart from exporting goods, UK also imports essential commodities from several countries just like any other nation. The top ten in this list are Germany, China, the United States, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Norway, Italy and Spain.

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